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Hipipipi naturally came about after years of trying many products for the face and body only to realise that I was sensitive to many well known brands.

I had a few key moments in my life.

The first was that I started to understand the power of applications whilst in the salon that I worked and trained in after I left school; and also the so called gentle 'baby', 'medicated' and 'natural' shampoos were the ones that were stripping the hair and scalps of the clients when they used these  shampoos  at home;

when I saw an aroma massage therapists hands were that of a 20 year old when she herself was in her 50's; 

 the gradual understanding of the word organic as I studied Horticulture and realised the methods of growing that we were being shown was definitely going against the grain for me and I wanted to develop a more involved relationship with the soil, plants and the garden in a holistic way rather than exhausting the soil of life with chemical herbicides, pesticides and artificial fertilisers.

So all of this over a period of time reinforced my understanding that to nurture the skin, as the soil, we must feed it good natural and nutritious things in order to support it's own natural process rather than working against it.

Paula Wilson - Cheshire UK

All the Hipipipi products have been formulated in house and are handmade in small batches to ensure the freshest natural, raw, organic ingredients and to keep a close eye on the highest quality standards. Our ingredients are certified organic except from the ones that cannot be certified organic for example clay as it wasn't 'grown organically' as it has been part of the earth rather than grown from it. Organic means not grown with artificial fertilizers or pesticides but rather, with natural traditional methods of growing. It has been proven that organically grown produce has a higher percentage of nutrients as it is produced from a healthier richer soil.

Our packaging is made in as close as possible proximity to the uk and is recyclable, reuseable and with the least amount of plastic components as possible. If you feel we could improve please feel free to contact us with your suggestions!

Hipipipi's products are to help support the natural process of the skin, scalp, hair and body see our upcoming blog for more information!

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